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SAMSUNG SVR940                                 ( 9 Channel )
Detail : 9 Channel DVRThe SVR-940 is a 9 channels digital video recorder that offers high resolution real-time display and recording performance. It comes with an array of features including flexible back up via internal CD-RW and USB port, multi-language OSD, remote controller, and easy PTZ control with front panel buttons.Features:• True real-time 270fps(N), 225fps(P) digital image display 120fps(N), 100fps(P) digital video recording• MPEG-4 compression• High resolution image <704 x 480, 704 x 240, 352 x 240(N)> <704 x 576, 704 x 288, 352 x 288(P)>• Capacity for up to 2 Internal HDDs• Front panel USB port for easy back up• CD writer is included as standard feature• ATM/POS transaction data recording and search• Integrated network multi-view, multi-users remote viewing• Convenient control with a remote controller• OSD (Multi-language)• 10/100 base-T network interface capability• RS-232C, RS-485/422• Pan / Tilt / Zoom support (Multi-protocol)• 4 Channels audio recording
SVR940 ( 9 Channel )
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NR BCA: 068.666.6667A / N: H. Jaya SitepuNR BRI : 1397 01 000033 500A / N. H.Jaya Sitepu
NR Mandiri: 123.000.564151.1A / N: PT. Komala Jaya Sejahtera
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